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Investment Programs

Managed Accounts

We offer managed accounts for private equity, private debt and infrastructure investments. Our separate account solutions comprise primary fund investments, secondary transactions and/or direct co-investments for a single investor and offer the widest possible flexibility around investment strategy and pace, client involvement and pricing.

Clients appoint us as a full outsourcing partner or choose to remain involved in different aspects of the investment and portfolio management process. Our mandates include investing and managing both globally diversified, as well as geographically focused portfolios towards defined target allocations or investment goals. Our clients value Alpha as a one-stop-shop partner.

Our service range includes:

  • Proposal and agreement on asset allocation, investment strategy and portfolio construction
  • Portfolio modelling
  • Market screening and investment sourcing
  • Rigorous due diligence and investment evaluation
  • Manager benchmarking and selection
  • Pricing and negotiation of secondary fund investments and direct co-investments
  • Investment structuring and execution
  • Customised reporting, including online access for our clients to their portfolio data in SIROS
  • Portfolio restructuring and re-balancing
  • Cash flow planning, portfolio scenario analysis and stress tests

All aspects of our investment, portfolio management and reporting process are supported by our proprietary software system SIROS, which is a powerful, web-based private markets database and an effective performance monitoring and risk management tool.

Accountability, responsiveness and flexibility to fulfil our clients’ needs are at the heart of our business model.