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Infrastructure investments are investments in essential assets and services supported and protected by legislators and regulators. Infrastructure assets have a long life, are capital intensive and generate inflation-protected, annual distributions and long-term stable returns.

Alpha Associates has been investing globally in leading infrastructure funds with a focus on brownfield projects and greenfield projects across the whole spectrum of strategies since 2007: PPP, Core, Core-Plus, Value-add and Opportunistic. Our portfolios comprise regulated and non-regulated assets and are broadly diversified across the sectors energy, utilities, transport, communication and social infrastructure.

We place heavy emphasis on the due diligence process as manager and investment selection – like in all private market asset classes – are key to successful investing. We actively negotiate investor rights and remedies, terms and conditions and structure investments to optimise legal, regulatory and tax aspects. As with all our private market client portfolios, we monitor our infrastructure portfolios carefully, looking through to all single investments, which allows us to take timely action where necessary to maximise value for our clients.